Advanced Cancer Therapies

Our Team

Radiation Oncologist

Your Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Rine or Dr. Cooke, is the head of your treatment team. You’ll meet your Radiation Oncologist at your first visit and continue seeing them on a weekly basis to talk about how your treatment is progressing and make any necessary adjustments. You’ll also meet with your Radiation Oncologist regularly after your treatment to monitor your progress and healing.

Medical Physicist

The Medical Physicist manages the quality assurance program to ensure that all equipment works properly. The Medical Physicist takes measurements, performs safety tests, helps to ensure the accuracy of treatment and verifies the radiation dose you receive.


Working in collaboration with the Radiation Oncologist and the Medical Physicist, the Dosimetrist helps to develop a treatment plan that will deliver the right amount of radiation while avoiding healthy tissue as much as possible.

Radiation Therapist

You’ll see our radiation therapists each day for treatment. They maintain patient records, check machines to make sure they are working properly and are able to answer any questions you have during your treatment.

Radiation Oncology Nurse

The Radiation Oncology Nurse works closely with the entire team to care for you and your family throughout your cancer treatment. The nurse will help you understand your treatment and potential side effects and direct you to any other resources you may need.

Front Desk Staff

You’ll see the smiling faces of our front desk staff each time you come in for an appointment. Our front desk staff takes care of scheduling, check-in, insurance questions and other general questions you have about our office.